Serving Brandon, Manitoba

Hi there, my name is Michelle Dryden, I am a foot care nurse serving the Brandon, Manitoba area.

Your feet are the foundation your body rests on - maintenance and care to that foundation is important.

Why choose a Foot Care Nurse?

Many seniors find taking care of their own feet difficult, due to mobility issues, loss of strength in their hands and declining eye-sight. People living with diabetes and other high-risk conditions require extra care because they are at elevated risk of severe complications.

As a foot care nurse, I have received specialized training in basic, diabetic and high-risk foot care.

  • All foot care instruments are sterilized in a medical grade steam autoclave following the Infection Prevention and Control Canada recommendations for reprocessing of critical foot care devices.
  • On your initial visit, I will gather your health information and perform a comprehensive foot care exam (including lower legs) to identify any ‘areas of concern’ and identify if you are at an increased risk of foot complications.
  • Together we will develop a foot care plan to address any foot health concerns and set appropriate goals for your care. If required, I can make referrals to other members of your health care team to ensure you have your best possible foot forward.
  • I am a member of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba.
  • I am a member of the Manitoba Association of Foot Care Nurses as well as the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.


Initial visit includes:

  • medical history
  • comprehensive foot care exam
  • development of a plan of care

As well, each foot care visit will include:

  • cleansing of foot prior to procedure
  • assessment for any areas of concern
  • nail trimming and shaping
  • treatment of ingrown toe nails
  • reduction of thickened and misshapen toe nails
  • treatment of dry, cracked heels
  • corn reduction or removal
  • smoothing of any rough or calloused areas
  • post procedure cleansing of foot to ensure no debris left to cause irritation or ulceration
  • foot and lower leg massage to promote circulation
  • application of moisturizer
  • discussion of any noted risk factors and discussion of interventions and goals
  • discussion about any need for offloading or cushioning for areas of concern

Foot care appointments are $55, paid at time of service.

Direct billing available for:

  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • VAC VIP Program

In-Facility Clinics

If you reside in a Seniors Facility, Brandon Mobile Foot Care may already be visiting your location.

Below are the list of facilities which have regular clinics, along with information on how to book.

Riverheights Terrace

Sign up at Activity Room Desk or contact Bev Pretty.

Clinic will be set up in the Second Floor TV Room (to the right as you get off of the elevator).

Dates for 2024: Apr 16, May 7, May 28, Jun 18, Jul 9, Jul 30, Aug 20, Sep 10 , Oct 1, Oct 22, Nov 12, Dec 3

Rotary Villas

Sign up at Front Desk or contact Joyce Scantlebury.

Clinic will be set up in the Main Floor Multipurpose Room (across from Dining Hall).

Dates for 2024: Apr 30, May 21, Jun 11, Jul 2, Jul 23, Sep 3, Sep 24, Oct 15, Nov 5, Nov 26, Dec 17

Hobbs Manor

Sign up on the Office Bulletin board or contact Suzanne Cartier.

Clinic will be set up in Room 309.

Dates for 2024: May 14, Jun 25, Aug 6, Sep 17, Oct 29, Dec 10

Lions Manor

Contact Michelle Dryden @ 204-573-7891 to sign up.

Clinic will be set up in the Craft Room on the main floor (north of maintenance room and garbage chute).

Dates for 2024: May 9, Jun 20, Aug 1, Sep 12, Oct 24, Dec 5

Hillcrest Place Personal Care Home

Contact Michelle Dryden @ 204-573-7891 to sign up.

Dates for 2024: Apr 23, Jun 4, Jul 11, Aug 27, Oct 8, Nov 19

Fairview Personal Care Home

Contact Michelle Dryden @ 204-573-7891 to sign up.

Dates for 2024: Every Monday (except stat holidays)

About Me

Michelle Dryden, LPN

I am a wife and mother of two amazing school-aged children.

I have been a nurse since 2006, and have worked in a variety of settings, including rural, personal care home, hospital and home care nursing.

Over the years, in-home nursing has found a place in my heart because of the opportunity it provides me to build relationships and help people better understand their medical care.


Call West-Man Foot Clinic to book an in-office appointment.


3000 Unit E Victoria Avenue, Brandon MB